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Areas of Experience

We offer a variety of the most recognized methods of sales. Pricing assets to sell is always the best approach to attract the market. When considering selling we will advise sellers how to price property to best achieve the time value of the money. Being a good seller is imperative as the costs of operation property can add to the burden of finacial recovery including real estate taxes, insurance, deferred maintenance and utilites. Liquidating is always a matter of pricing. Mark B. Weiss Real Estate can help you be successful by stopping the bleeding.


Mark B. Weiss, CCIM and his experienced staff know that a lender's main objective is to stabilize, protect and preserve the asset. Mark B. Weiss Real Estate, LLC and its affiliate company, Strategic Liquidation Group, act as receivers for the following types of property: commercial, investment, development, subdivisions, construction, land, special use, industrial, mixed use properties, office buildings, shopping centers and business properies, both during foreclosure and during other legal proceedings.

Our detailed approach is to quickly analyze the property and circumstances in order to create a strategic plan and approach to stabilization. This frequently includes the following:

  • Providing management not limited to: collecting rent, paying bills, contacting & paying utilities
  • Securing & re-keying the property
  • Notifying tenants of new property leadership and addressing tenant's needs
  • Creating a photo journal of the property showing a baseline of the physical condition
  • Addressing health and safety issues
  • Interacting with city inspectors and admisistrative municipal offices
  • Filing reports to the courts
  • Making sure that insurance is in place
  • Winterizing the property
  • Construction Management

    Unfinished construction projects present a challenge. Although the type of property may vary, the objective always remains the same: review blueprints or plans, verify permit status and research outstanding municipal violations. Once in order, an evaluation of existing conditions must be assessed to estimate the cost and scope of completion. The construction supervision team of Mark B. Weiss Real Estate has experience with project completion, ground up new construction and the challenges of renovation. The ultimate goal of finishing the job becomes our priority and our pride. We can deliver and always do!